The Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT) was established in 2001 and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011.

The PSBT is the only industry organisation representing professional translation and localisation service providers in Poland.

The PSBT’s main goals are: representation of Polish translation and localisation service providers, promotion of industry best practice, quality standards and services offered by member companies, educational and training activities, networking and exchange of know-how, development of professional, high-quality translation and localization services, enhancing the image and prestige of the whole industry, and professional service providers in particular.

PSBT is member of the following international organisations: EUATC, OASIS & ISTC.

Members' News

24 May 2016, 13:32

Terminology management has always been a key aspect of our work. Thanks to our procedures for terminology extraction, our base now contains over 50,000 English terms and their Polish equivalents. Moreover, these terms have been verified by experts and accepted by our clients.
Our terminology base is divided into more than 20 categories, of which the most numerous are: automotive, biology, chemistry, IT, machinery, medicine, photography, robotics, and telecommunication.

25 April 2016, 18:46

We are proud to announce that on 18th March 2016, DAMAR Translation Agency was awarded a certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 17100 Translation Services - Requirements for Translation Services by the international and recognized auditing body - DEKRA.

15 March 2016, 21:21

In 2016 CM’s employees actively participate in a series of conferences.
On March 3–5, Rafał Kiljan delivered a speech at the conference National Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference organized by AGH in Kraków.
And on March 11–12, our team took part in The Translation and Localization Conference 2016. One day later, Bartłomiej Dymek hosted a panel discussion at the conference called Konferencja Tłumaczy 2016.

11 February 2016, 18:43

CM has developed a machine translation quality indicator – CMT. It allows for the assessment of MT quality in advance, without having to compare the machine and human translations. This is a real breakthrough in MT quality assessment, as so far, its assessment was only possible “post factum”, i.e. after the translation was completed and edited by a human. Our solution enables one to decide whether machine translation really shortens the project turnaround time, or whether using MT is unprofitable.

23 November 2015, 15:48

CM Localization Center has been selected as a partner for the Department of German Studies at the University of Wrocław to carry out student internship in the field of technical translation. This collaboration involves preparation of a student internship program that includes instruction on using CAT tools and practical training in translating technical, medical, IT, and marketing materials. 10 students have been enrolled for the internship this academic year.


24 November 2015, 16:44

ISO 17100 - Translation Services standard published in Polish on 10.11.2015
At the initiative of the Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT), the ISO 17100 Translation Services standard was translated and published in Polish by the Polish Standardization Committee (PKN) on 10.11.2015 - as PN-EN ISO 17100:2015. See: http://sklep.pkn.pl/pn-en-iso-17100-2015-06-wersja-polska.html

30 September 2013, 18:59
We wish all the translators in Poland and across the globe all the best and hope they will enjoy many professional successes.Board of the Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT)International Translation Day is celebrated on 30 September on the feast of St. Jerome, a translator of the Bible from old Hebrew and Greek into Latin, who is considered the patron saint of all translators.
11 September 2013, 23:06
The Annual Conference 2013 of Association of Translation Companies will take place on 26th – 27th September 2013 in London. The ATC has prepared a special offer for PSBT members who wish to attend the ATC conference. PSBT members can attend the ATC conference at a discounted price of €230 (normal full price is €326). A place at the network dinner costs €76. Full programme and more info are available here: www.atc-conference.org.uk To benefit from the special offer PSBT members should click the PSBT button while booking online at: 
25 March 2013, 22:40
31 May 2012, 8:07
On 23 May 2012, the Vice President of the Board, Elżbieta Pląskowska (KMK Translation Company) represented PSBT during the PKPP Lewiatan Award Ceremony, which took place in Warsaw Philharmonic

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